Welcome to ESG in VC #StandWithUkraine

Office Hours

ESG in VC will run a series of office hours, where founders get a chance to meet top VC investors focused on the chosen theme.

10 founders will present their startups in person to 12 of the amazing funds. Also kindly supported by ESG_VC and Nuoptima

Our first event will be focused on 'S' (social) and 'G' (governance) aspects, which means if you are a founder that is working on a solution that enables people to reach their full potential by adding or improving their skills, productivity or offer them access to opportunities then please apply.

Think of the future of work, the future of corporate training, social inclusion, employee wellbeing, mental health, diversity and inclusion, and human enablement. All these have an enormous impact on 'S' and 'G'.

Deadline: 6th of May 2022 - Applications are now closed 

Office hours location and date: Central London - 11th of May 2022