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May 22, 2022

Ep 9 - Hannah Leach and Johannes Lenhard - Being Good in VC

Ep 9 - Hannah Leach and Johannes Lenhard - Being Good in VC

Welcome to the latest episode of the ESG in VC podcast where I’m joined by Hannah Leach and Johannes Lenhard.

Hannah is a Partner at Houghton Street Ventures, a new venture firm backing companies founded by students and alumni of the London School of Economics. She is also a co-founder of a global industry-wide non-profit initiative, VentureESG, whose aim is to help the VC sector recognise the importance of ESG and to provide resources and guidance to make ESG a standard part of diligence, portfolio management and fund management.

Johannes is an ethnographer of venture capital and homelessness and currently teaching and researching at the University of Cambridge. Having worked towards a better understanding of survival practices of homeless people in London and Paris for his PhD, he has spent the last four years researching the ethics of venture capital investors interviewing 200+ VC General Partners.

Together with Johannes and Hannah, we discuss if VCs have time to be good, what factors are contributing to VC’s persistent lack of diversity, especially at the senior ranks and what levers are out there that can help us to scrutinize VCs and much more.

Guest: Hannah Leach and Johannes Lenhard

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