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March 18, 2022

Ep 6 - Henry Philipson - Integration and Importance of ESG

Ep 6 - Henry Philipson - Integration and Importance of ESG

Welcome to ESG in VC podcast. Join me and Henry Philipson in this latest episode.

Henry leads marketing and communications for Beringea in the UK and he is also a co-founder of ESG_VC, an industry initiative to help portfolio companies improve their ESG performance.

Together with Henry, we discuss how ESG_VC have started and now has 150 firms across UK and Europe trying to build tools and consistent frameworks to use in venture industry, which is based on National Social Value (TOMs) framework. We also dive a bit deeper into how many funds have adopted ESG principles fully and the process they went through and why it is imporant to start as soon as possible.

Guest: Henry Philipson

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