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Feb. 1, 2022

Ep 2 - Simon Mundy - Accountability in ESG

Ep 2 - Simon Mundy - Accountability in ESG

Welcome to ESG in VC podcast. It is great to have Simon Mundy with us.

Simon is currently a Moral Money editor at FT (Financial Times). He began his reporting career in Johannesburg, where he covered Southern Africa for the FT before a period writing on the London financial sector. He then spent seven years in Asia, heading the FT bureaux in Seoul and Mumbai and then two years travelling across six continents while writing a book called, Race for Tomorrow.

Simon spared a moment between following the flow of money to chat to me about Moral Money history and how he joined the team. We also spoke about his book, Race for Tomorrow, and how storytelling makes it ever more real about all the current challenges we face as a society. And this is “why when we think about ESG, we do have to think about these issues in the broadest possible sense. Cause it ultimately comes down to the lives of individual people all over the world.”

Guest: Simon Mundy

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