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July 12, 2022

Ep 10 - Bo Ilsoe and Monica Johnson - Sustainability and Returns

Ep 10 - Bo Ilsoe and Monica Johnson - Sustainability and Returns

Welcome to the latest episode of the ESG in VC podcast where I’m joined by Bo Ilsoe and Monica Johnson.

Bo is a Managing Partner at NGP Capital. he has developed NGP Capital from initial commitments of $25M to more than $1.6B investing across 3 continents. A technologist at heart, he believes in the positive transformative effects technology has on society and always comes with a global view of the business.

Monica is the Operating Partner and Chief Financial Officer of NGP Capital. Prior to joining NCP, Monica was the CFO of CafePress, where she led the financial, accounting and legal functions during the company’s growth from $30 million to $250 million in revenues as well as through its IPO.

Together with Bo and Monica, we discuss why sustainability pays (more on this in the recent report that NGP have published after reviewing more than 2,000 startups to understand the impact of the growing ESG focus as well as what is the funding journey of the SDG-focused stratups). We also touched on the current feelings around ESG and if it is truly easier to care about ESG during bull market, but much harder when things are not as rosy.

Guests: Bo Ilsoe and Monica Johnson

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