Welcome to ESG in VC #StandWithUkraine
Feb. 1, 2022

Ep 1 - Marc Lepere - ESG and VC

Ep 1 - Marc Lepere - ESG and VC

Welcome to ESG in VC podcast. Join me and Marc Lepere in this first episode of many more to come.

Mark is currently researching the link between crisis and ESG at King's college. He is also a fellow of the higher education academy and also serves as a visiting lecture at Wharton business.

Listen in as Oksana and Marc talk about what drove him to dedicate his current full time career to ESG and why as some studies show, most of the VC backed companies are slower to become more responsible over time. Marc also shares some of his thoughts on why ESG emerged as the most recognised framework so far despite a myriad of other attempts to draw attention to these issues and what are the risks associated with ESG and automation.

Guest: Marc Lepere

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