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May 9, 2022

Ep 8 - Lubomila Jordanova - Unifying the Understanding of ESG

Ep 8 - Lubomila Jordanova - Unifying the Understanding of ESG

Welcome to ESG in VC podcast. Join me and Lubomila Jordanova in this latest episode.

Lubomila is the co-founder and CEO of Plan A, a Berlin-based company developing an end-to-end platform that manages and improves carbon and ESG performance for businesses. She is also the co-founder of the Greentech Alliance, a community of over a thousand startups which are connected to over 500 advisors.

Together with Lubomila, we discuss who are Plan A’s customers and who they engage the most from the client side, what challenges do they face internally within their respective organisations. We also explore what are the unintended consequences of ESG frameworks and how we can unify to conquer current challenges.

Guest: Lubomila Jordanova

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